High PLAYformance for Agile Teams // Feb 22-25 2013 in Rückersbach, Germany

Idea Farm

What do you want to do? Please add ideas for

  • sessions
  • games you want to play
  • game ideas you want to develop
  • evening activities

in the comments so that we can start an engaged conversation:-)

Happy to see all of you soon!

Comments on: "Idea Farm" (3)

  1. Dajo Breddels said:

    Viral game to promote Stoosian mindset

    To promote the ideas of Stoos to a bigger audience I want to use the power of games. Not the normal agile games, but the digital viral version like Hay-Day, Farm-Ville, Angry Birds.

    I know we will never develop the full game in 3 days, but what I hope for is people who want to explore with me the possibilities of game play / mechanics to achieve this goal.

    At the moment I’m thinking about:
    – Let the player run a corporation
    – The more Stoos mindset you use the better the results
    – Making it fun (with strange dialogs/animations and reactions of employees)
    – Find a way, why it helps to have friends playing the game too (like Farm-Ville).

    I’m looking for persons who want to take this challenge and help to find ways to learn Stoos by playing a game.

  2. Tim Yevgrashyn said:

    Session on building the “Elephant Carpaccio” like exercise.

    Once I ran through http://alistair.cockburn.us/Elephant+Carpaccio+exercise I was excited how it literally shifts the mindset of developers to think in iterative and incremental way. I find it crucial for development people to understand through practice while business people can easily get the concept from examples and explanation.

    The original Alistair’s exercise require the programming and this makes a constraint when you run a class without programmers 🙂

    I would like to make a session (or even two) to build such an exercise, that doesn’t require computer and delivers the same learning objectives.

    If needed, I can ran the exercise first time – I’ve got Alistair’s permission and do it as part of my classes.

    See you on #p4a13 !

  3. Katrien Gistelinck said:

    Just to get to know each other, we can start all with creating a “personal” card. A card that represents ourselves (personal details, hobby, work, everything you want to share with the others…). You can use any material you want and that is available on site (magazines, pencils, stickers, …). This card can be used throughout the weekend to introduce yourself to the others.

    Looking forward to meet you all!

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