High PLAYformance for Agile Teams // Feb 22-25 2013 in Rückersbach, Germany

Taxi Sharing

If you want to share a cab from FRA airport or Aschaffenburg Hbf write a comment saying when you arrive.

Comments on: "Taxi Sharing" (12)

  1. Catching train from Frankfurt to Ashaffenburg morning of 22nd looking to share taxi. Also interested in meeting up evening of 21rst in Frankfurt. @scharlau

  2. Taxi Sharing from FRA airport, reaching FRA on 22nd around 12:30, 2 seats available (for a 4 seater taxi 😉 ) @saketbivalkar

  3. Arriving FRA 13.25 on friday, interested in train/taxi/car sharing
    Flying back monday FRA 14.25

  4. I am going to arrive at Aschaffenburg train station at friday 16:15 and would like to share a taxi to the conference venue. alexander@vanderberg.de

  5. I want to use the ICE 622 from Munich arriving 17.34. Please contact me if you want to share a taxi (nils.bernert@valtech.de)

  6. Could be lots more of us as will be travelling with Ellen and others(?) from Frankfurt Hbf around then. Will know more later.

  7. Me and my friend Ari-Pekka are arriving to the Frankfurt airport at 15:50. We are considering getting a taxi to Rückersbach. Are there anyone who would like to join us? You can contact me via email, the account is anttiki on gmail.

  8. I’m going straight to #p4a13 from hotel via taxi with two others so don’t worry about us for working out who to share with. We realised this will be cheaper/faster than train+taxi.

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